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We believe that continuous investment in research and development is a key component to being a leader in fruit juice concentrates and fruit beverages. Our Research and Development Center of SkyPeople (China) was certified as the Provincial Industrial Research & Development Center jointly by six provincial institutions of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government including the Department of Communications, the Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Finance, the Bureau of National Taxation, the Bureau of Local Taxation and Xi’an Customs. As of December 31, 2011, we had an internal research and development (R&D) team of approximately 43 people, and we retain external experts and research institutions for additional consultation. Our R&D effort emphasizes the design and development of our processing technology with the goal of decreasing processing costs, optimizing our production capabilities and maintaining our product quality. We intend to continue to invest in R&D to respond to and anticipate customer needs with a focus on innovative high-margin products.

19 Proprietary Technologies

  • Eleven active patents
    • A crushing and peeling device
    • A peeling and dirt removal device
    • A kiwifruit cider beverage and its production method
    • A production technology for strawberry juice concentrates
    • A production technology for turnjujube juice concentrates
    • A production technology for cherry juice concentrates
    • A production technology for persimmon juice concentrates
    • A Production technology for cherry tomato juice concentrates
    • Two bottle labels
    • A glass bottle
  • Eight pending patents
    • Eight patents in application for a production process
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