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Global Market

The fruit juice processing industry is a growing industry in China. Consumption of fruit beverages has grown and sales have increased rapidly in recent years due to the increasing health consciousness of consumers and the rise in the availability and variety of fruit juice beverages. The demand and the price of concentrated fruit juice decreased in the international market in the second half of 2008 because of the negative effects from the worldwide economic crisis. However, Global Industry Analysts, Inc. reported in the “Fruit & Vegetable Juices Market: A Global Strategic Business Report” that the global market for fruit and vegetable juice beverages is forecast to reach 64.46 billion liters by 2015. It is reported that the juice drinks segment is expected to witness increased demand in both value and volume as the market returns back to its pre-global recession levels of growth.

According to the Fruit Juice Section of the PRC Food and Agriculture Export Association, www.Chinajuice.org, the PRC exported approximately $1 billion in concentrated fruit juice to foreign countries every year in the past few years, which accounted for around 60% of the global output of concentrated fruit juice. It is reasonable to expect that such trend will continue.

The PRC Market

The PRC has the world’s largest population, but the consumption of fruit beverages is relatively low. According to the report “China Fruit Juice Beverages Business and Market Analysis” published by the PRC Food and Agriculture Export Association, www.Chinajuice.org, the annual per capita consumption of fruit beverages in the PRC in 2009 was approximately 1 kilogram, which only accounted for 13% of the average world per capita consumption and 4% of the average per capita consumption in the industrialized countries. The Chinese fruit juice and fruit juice drink industry is developing rapidly and total production has more than doubled to 14.48 million tons in 2009, compared to 6.35 million tons in 2005. The growth rate of revenue from fruit juice and fruit juice drinks have ranked first compared with other food-related industries. We believe that the increasing health consciousness of consumers and the quality of living powered by the PRC’s economic growth will continue to fuel the demand for our fruit juice products.

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